What do you eat at school?

Lots of students eat at the school restaurant. If we isolate this sentence and turn it into a question: Do you think is good that children eat lunch at school? Most likely the answers we would be getting would be negative. And this shouldn’t be this way. This week we want to focus on http://betterschoolfood.org, a group of dedicated parents, educators and health professionals committed to working with local communities to improve meals and increase awareness of the connection between good food, good health and a student’s ability to learn effectively.

There is a bunch of action when it comes healthy food at the schools but one easy step we can take to improve your child’s food is what Better School Food points out:

Have Lunch with Your Child in the School Cafeteria 
Experience with your eyes, nose, ears and mouth what your kids are eating. Ask to see ingredient lists for all the food on the menu.

Grow Your Numbers 
Invite other parents in the community to join you in the cafeteria who might not have been aware of what the kids are eating.

Join a Committee or Coalition 
Get involved with the nutrition committee in your school or a wellness committee in your district. Create one if none exist.

Build Your Food IQ 
Learn which foods are right for your family – not all foods are good for everyone! Read books about food.

Cook with Your Kids 
Read books, takes classes, watch cooking shows. Be adventurous and try new foods, test recipes. Make it a family project.

Grow Some Food in a Garden 
Get your kids connected to their food. Create and participate in school gardening and cooking classes that produce real food. Connect the dots between our environmental crisis and our food crisis.

Call Congress

Let them know you support legislation to get advertising and junk food out of schools, and a Farm Bill that supports small farmers and local markets. Let’s flood our schools with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Walk Your Talk as a Family 

Eat dinner together whenever possible. Studies show this to be an effective strategy to reduce substance abuse among teens. Family meals are the perfect time to talk to your kids and to listen to what’s on their mind.

Don’t Give Up! 

Our children’s health and well-being needs to be our top priority. Take a stand and get involved. Don’t assume someone else will.


Let us know what you like form you school restaurant or cafeteria and what you don’t like!

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